International Professionals Association provides members and their associates with a forum where they can meet regularly with practitioners in the international business and financial services sector associated therewith: to network; discuss issues of common interest/concern; and to benefit from the comments of a guest speaker, expert in a topic of contemporaneous interest.”


Building up business contacts is key in any sector. We pride ourselves in our knowledge with the leadership and the members we have

Word of mouth

It is always extremely beneficial to build relationships through word of mouth and recommendation. We created IPA in order to help with this. Lets get to know one another!

Self Development

We provide members with a Forum where they can meet regularly with other practitioners in the International Professional Intermediaries sector and domestic sectors associated therewith. It is a great place to develop yourself and your knowledge.


Network with other like minded professionals and develop mutually rewarding business relationships; 3. Benefit from the comments of guest speakers, expert in topics of contemporaneous interest